HP LaserJet 1015 Printer - Advanced printer settings window

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Advanced printer settings window

When you click the

Advanced Printer Settings link, a new window opens. The Advanced Printer

Settings window has two tabs:

Information tab

Settings tab

Information tab

The Information tab provides quick links to the following information:

Device status


Event log

Print Info pages

Settings tab

The Settings tab has links to several pages that allow you to view and change the printer’s


Software settings can override settings made in the HP toolbox.

Device Information. View basic information about the printer.

Paper Handling. View and change the settings for the printer’s input tray.

Printing. View and change the default printer job settings.

PCL. (HP LaserJet 1015 printer only) View and change the PCL font information.

Print Quality. View and change the print quality settings.

Print Modes. View and change the print modes for various media types.

System Setup. View and change system information.

I/O. View and change the I/O timeout setting.

Resets. Change all the printer settings back to the factory default settings.

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